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Weibu Semiannual Management Summary Meeting

Date: 2017-07-27 Source:weibu

Weibu Semiannual Management Summary Meeting was successfully held in Shenzhen headquarters from July 21st to 22nd, 2017. Chairman- Mr.Huang Jianxin, consultant Mr. Qi and all the officials from Shenzhen headquarters, the branch offices and subsidiary executives were participating in the meeting.


The meeting was aiming to emphasis the importance of smooth communication between departments, and to strengthen the collaboration relationship between departments to accomplish the company's overall business objectives, creating a corp. community of tight interests and enhancing Weibu core competitiveness.

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The whole meeting is divided into three chapters:


Chapter One

The meeting was opened with fruitful summary reports from each department for the past half-year of 2017.

The officials were actively participated by analyzing the successful experience and problems in the work, proposing the problem-shoot solutions, and seeking for an overall better management.


Chapter Two

Chairman Huang, also made a profound report summarization based on the concrete analysis of the market situation as well as that of Weibu company’s actual development point of view. He delivered an important speech and made important meeting instructions

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Cultural Advocacy

1: Vigorously advocate the Weibu Corporation Culture of "Altruism" , "Customer-focused”, and “End-to-End Problem Shooting” principles


2: Continue to build the core competitiveness, and more high-quality customers.

3: All strengths united, and go for successful annual goal of overall.

4: Promote positive and high-spiritual working atmosphere to make new and greater contributions and collaboratively achieve for a more outstanding performance for the company's steady and healthy development!


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In his enthusiastic speech, Chairman Huang also proudly praised the accomplishments of the past half year of 2017.  He is confident that for all the positive performance the good team of efforts and level-up customer service experience have built the company's core competitiveness, and the positive management improvement proposals are key for our company's sustainable development of the business of a positive and far-reaching perspective. 

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Now, the new half year of 2017 has begun, Let’s go ahead with closer collaborating passion to embrace Weibu’s annual business triumph of 2017. 

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