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Educational Equipment Routine Show 2017 ---- Changsha Station

Date: 2017-07-10 Source:weibu

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To equalize the educational resources is to ensure the roots of civil rights of every people on the earth, and is the foundation for a more civilized society



For years, Weibu has been committing itself to be a more intelligent education industry builder.


On July 7th, 2017, Weibu participated one of the most famous domestic Educational Equipment Routine Show sponsored by the leading B2B platform --- HC360.com--- with its theme as "All things connected & future is on the cloud " . The marketing director of Weibu-- Mr. Meng Yanqiao, also made an important speech on the show.



As we all know that in the traditional education, what bothers the teacher most is that the class interaction is always tedious and inactive, which always makes the children feel boring, and rare involved with all attention.

While Weibu, with its 17 years the industrial experience, brought into our life a stunning intelligent educational system --- Weibu OPS-C+ Intelligent Class Solution -- which allows innovative knowledge information sharing become vivid and attractive to children. 



Weibu OPS Key Benefits


1: Interactive writing function enables

2: Online interactive discussion experience
3: Remote multi-functional high-definition video conferencing system,
4: Advanced gesture control and reorganization

5: Extensive peripherals expansion; easy for maintenance

Weibu OPS system benefits the teachers and students with a more healthy and broader teaching space, so that each student has more fair and higher quality knowledge sharing experience.


Weibu Information Inc. is bringing us a brighter future.

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