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WEIBU INFORMATION INC. (hereinafter referred to as: Weibu) is a private high-tech joint-stock enterprise with high reputation in the field of IT solutions. Established in 2001, Weibu was listed on the New Third Board Innovation Layer in 2014. It is the first listed company in the same industry in China. Weibu's market share and product technology of many businesses are far ahead in the same industry, and has been ranked first in the same industry for many years. Weibu has always maintained a close strategic cooperative relationship with Intel, AMD, Microsoft and other world-class IT enterprises. Its product line covers artificial intelligence technology, new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries and key fields in the 13th five year plan. Weibu products are the core components of industrial automation, intelligence, informatization and digitization products. At present, they have been widely used in electronic digital, intelligent transportation, intelligent education, home PC, new retail, server, intelligent industrial control, intelligent monitoring and other fields.
With its strong R & D system and supply chain system, Weibu has created an industry model with good quality, good service and low operation cost. Adhere to the spirit of "pioneering and innovation, the pursuit of excellence", and constantly develop new products and new technologies with original technology, so that the company maintains a consistent competitive advantage and a good competitive state, and strive to bring customers the best solutions and ultimate user experience. In the future, Weibu will continue to increase its efforts in the research and development of cutting-edge electronic product technology, and continue to pursue technological innovation and manufacturing process improvement to obtain better quality, so that customers and business partners of Weibu can benefit from it, give innovation power to enterprise customers, and jointly promote the development of Science and technology in China.
Chairman's Speech
1. Build a new era of Internet and march towards a new journey
The development of human society has never been as fast as it is now, nor has it been so closely connected as it is today. Its speed, depth and breadth are beyond imagination.
The rise of Internet of things, ultra wideband, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other information and communication technologies has opened a new era for us. We are in the best era, in which Weibu is the witness and participant.
In June 2001, WEIBU was born in Shenzhen, China. With the development of China's economy, especially it, WEIBU's market scale and share have been expanding. Its business model and development prospects have been recognized by customers and the market. WEIBU has been maintaining an eye-catching development speed and has become a leader in China's IT industry.
In the new era one belt, one road, is based on its own advantages, technology driven, and around the national "one belt" strategy, and based on information electronics, is committed to becoming the most influential supplier of software and hardware solutions in the world. WEIBU is a mission driven company.
In 2016, WEIBU began to lay out the field of Internet of things, focusing on smart home, smart education and smart retail, and cooperating with Intel, NVIDIA, ARM, Qualcomm, MTK and Microsoft to build a new era of Internet.

2. Improve corporate governance and take social responsibility

Good corporate governance is an important cornerstone to ensure the sustainable and steady development of the company. In 2018, we will continue to promote the construction and optimization of corporate governance. The company continues to conduct in-depth research on the top-level governance structure, the responsibilities of the board of directors and other important aspects. In addition, it has further carried out beneficial attempts in rationalizing and standardizing the authorization exercise, such as increasing and refining the decentralization to the front-line organizations, combing and standardizing the authorization scope and methods for some key business areas, so as to provide reference for the long-term stability and effectiveness of the corporate governance structure and the public interest The company's governance mechanism has carried out fruitful exploration in a more orderly connection and implementation at the business execution level.
In recent years, the global uncertainty has increased, and the continuous downward trend of economy is more obvious. In this context, the short-term thinking of enterprise investors and managers has become common. However, if the enterprise leaders can act in accordance with the situation and have the courage to take on responsibilities, they will improve the social outlook to a great extent.
WEIBU adheres to long-term value creation and value sharing. Every year, we devote more than 7% of our revenue to R & D. We never reduce our investment in innovation because of short-term operating benefit fluctuations or short-term financial goals, sacrificing future output and productivity. In terms of finance, we focus on the actual creation of wealth, and do not transfer wealth to harm the interests of related parties. In terms of talents, WEIBU believes that we do not have any scarce resources to rely on. Only through the long-term hard work of our employees can we continue to create value for our customers and the society. As a result, the strivers can get reasonable returns and personal growth.

Open cooperation, win-win cooperation, in order to create a better world, we have been working hard.
Our Advantages

Development course
Global strategic partners
Four R & D bases
Patent honors
Testing laboratories
R&D products
National High Tech Enterprises
R&D talents
Corporate culture

Convenient for others           Customer achievement           Harvest yourself

Become the most valuable it solution provider and service provider in the world

Let the striver live a better life and win respect
Low cost, good operation, good quality and continuous service for customers
Corporate Mission
Corporate Vision

WEIBU registered professional computer ODM service
Nanjing Weizhixin company established
Guangdong edge computing core control module engineering technology research center“
The main board program's shipping volume ranked top 5 in the world;
Thin Mini itx, OPS industry standard setter.
Nanjing R & D center established
Listed as "Shenzhen small and medium sized enterprises with integrity"
Under the epidemic, performance has gone up in reverse.
Company honors


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