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On December 16, Weibu Information's first capital increase and share expansion ceremony was successfully concluded, and the amount of this round of financing was about 160 million yuan. This capita...
To empower the production and delivery of enterprises, and to adapt to the "intelligent manufacturing" of enterprises, WEIBU launched the Tinygo super board and ultra box series products in 2021, a...
Microsoft recently commended and affirmed the 2021 CTE partners in the CTE circle who adopted Microsoft technology. WEIBU was promoted as the most influential IDH partner of CTE this year, and won ...
On August 11, 2021, on a good day and auspicious day, Weibu has a new home and double happiness. The housewarming ceremony and the second batch of equity incentive signing ceremony will be successf...
WEIBU ERP & PLM information construction project kick-off meeting was held in WEIBU headquarters on August 20, 2020. Sha...
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