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We can customize the product interface according to the customer's needs, including network interface, SD card slot, USB interface, power interface, keyhole, minidp, HDMI interface, pj45 network cable interface, type-C interface, lightning 3 interface, headset, microphone interface, aviation plug and other customer specified interfaces, so as to meet the customer's application scenarios.
The hardware platform and configuration can be customized according to customers' needs. The industry function module can be customized, including light-emitting bracket, graphics card, backplane light-emitting board, keyboard, cooling fan, processor, motherboard, power supply, display, etc. the hardware customization includes electromagnetic compatibility, signal integrity and other test standards.
Customized system software functions according to customer needs, including boot self boot, pre installed software, boot animation logo, system function tailoring, system function customization and development.
We can customize product packaging, product appearance, brand logo, product instructions, etc. for customers to establish brand image, expand brand influence, and assist in market development.
The product structure and appearance can be customized according to customers, including ID / MD design, appearance design, mold opening and mass production follow-up. Years of industrial product structure development experience has been accumulated, which can provide customers with perfect structure design and customization solutions.
After more than 20 years of development, Weibu has accumulated rich R & D experience in IT industry. With many years of market penetration, it works closely with upstream, middle and downstream customers in the industry to provide various business docking services such as software, hardware and structure for different customers, and create the future of IT Era together.
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Notebook Machine Customization
Customized production of laptop in a listed company.
Smart Medical Motherboard Customization
Cooperate with a medical company to customize the smart medical scheme to meet the technical requirements of the enterprise.
Smart Office Box Customization
Apply Intel's latest CPU chip to brand ops for a large information technology enterprise. At present, it has mass production.
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WEIBU 6 customized service advantages
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