More than thin, micro step OPS upgrade, waiting for you!

Issuing time:2020-10-26 15:58

Conference is not only an important scene of collaboration, but also an area of concern in the intelligent collaborative environment. In order to meet the needs of more and more telecommuting and intelligent collaboration, a 4K Jiqing video conference OPS product, d500t, with ultra-thin fuselage and leading heat dissipation optimization design, has been customized to become the first choice of intelligent conference.


It's not only thin, but also rich


Intelligent education OPS upgrade

Intelligent education upgrade - WEIBU OPS computer is based on Intel OPS standard modular design. It is independently developed by microstep and supports 4K ultra-clear resolution. It plays smoothly without jamming. In the original p300 / p500-p.


DP500: equipped with Intel®H310C chipset and unique product definition of WEIBU, in addition to supporting the existing 7 / 8 generation CPU, it also supports the latest 9 generation CPU, dual system support of windows and Linux; dual antenna design makes its performance more excellent, and the new USB interface form - type C makes its application more flexible.


E400u-15w low-power OPS is based on the unique R & D design of WEIBU. In addition to supporting 6-generation skylake-u / 7-generation kabylake-u CPU, e400u also supports 8-generation kabylake-r (the performance is equivalent to that of whiskeylake-u), with one machine and multiple platforms, eliminating overseas certification steps.


Dual channel DDR4 memory, m.2 memory and other hardware, according to different teaching environment, WEIBU can provide customized solutions. Through the configuration optimization and performance improvement of pluggable modular embedded computer, the application of interactive whiteboard in teaching is greatly improved, and the classroom interaction and teachers' teaching efficiency are increased.

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