There are more than one set of | WEIBU stereoscopic education programmes in Zhi Huiyun's classroom.

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In recent years, China has issued a series of education policies to help promote the development of modern education in an all-round way. In 2018, the Ministry of Education issued the "2 action plan for education informatization", and put forward the goal of "three whole, two high and one big", and strive to build a new mode of talent training under the condition of "Internet plus". The key to achieving this goal is intelligence education.


For smart education, micro step launched the overall scheme of smart three-dimensional education, including WEIBU OPS computer E / P Series, teaching and student specific intelligent terminal tablet series and other intelligent education products create a learning atmosphere from the overall design, vision, hearing and interaction dimensions. High function integration, multi system integration, wireless screen transmission and high-definition display can improve the teaching interactivity, make teachers feel comfortable in teaching, students feel comfortable in learning and parents feel more at ease. Can integrate, multi system integration, wireless transmission screen, high-definition display, improve teaching interactivity, let teachers teach comfortable, students learn freely, parents more at ease.


WEIBU three-dimensional education program, one-stop whole worry free

China's education informatization has been moving from 1.0 to 2.0, and WEIBU has never been absent. Smart classroom needs not only hardware and technical support, but also in-depth teaching of the whole scene. WEIBU not only provides large screen OPS computer module for teachers' lectures, but also provides VDD product hardware deployment scheme for campus informatization. It also provides portable mobile terminal (textbook, 2in1) product scheme for students to meet students' preview before class, practice after class and review, and teachers' remote guidance. Compared with small tablets and mobile phones, FHD above 10.1 inches can reduce the fatigue damage to students' eyes. Portable keyboard and mouse can also facilitate students to record in class.


微步立Equip brain OPS computer

If you can't connect a powerful enough OPS computer, other teaching equipment will be useless. Matching with the poor performance OPS computer, not only can't improve the classroom interaction and teaching quality, but also can even drag down the teaching progress. Based on the modular design of Intel OPS standard, the micro step OPS computer is independently developed by micro step. It supports 4K ultra-clear resolution and plays smoothly without jamming. It is equipped with the Intel®h310c chipset and the unique product definition of micro step. In addition to supporting the existing 7g8 generation CPU, also supports the latest 9 generations of CPU, windows, Linux dual system support; dual antenna design, making its performance more excellent, new USB interface form - type C, more flexible application.


For the international market, WEIBU also launched e400u-15w low-power ops. Based on WEIBU's unique R &D design, e400u not only supports 6-generation skylake-u / 7-generation kabylake-u CPU, but also supports 8-generation kabylake-r (the performance is equivalent to that of whiskeylake-u), with one machine and multiple platforms, eliminating the need for overseas certification.


According to different teaching environments, WEIBU can provide customized solutions. Through the configuration optimization and performance improvement of pluggable modular embedded computer, the application of interactive whiteboard in teaching is greatly improved, and the classroom interaction and teachers' teaching efficiency are increased.

Speed up smart education - WEIBU VDD

The development of Zhi Huiyun classroom has raised higher requirements for terminals to efficiently process audio and video, access intelligent devices and carry out data analysis. WEIBU VDD is meeting this trend. Weibu, together with Intel, is equipped with Intel movidius Vpu, FSS and other visual acceleration products based on the idea of making science and technology better understand education, which not only speeds up data processing, but also reduces latency.

First of all, as a small server of edge classroom, VDD can manage the course synchronization and interaction of OPS teacher end and student 2in1 end by using education virtualization software. At the same time, VDD can also manage the class board system to release attendance, course content and teacher information. Secondly, WEIBU VDD provides scalability for remote teaching, video capture, analysis, storage and other edge computing application scenarios. By focusing on the collection of students' behavior, management information and teaching courseware content in the classroom, and making full use of these data, we can promote the development of personalized education. Finally, the WEIBU dsp-d400u adopts 4K high-definition output, dual channel DDR4 memory, supports Mini PCI 3G / 4G module and m.2 WiFi / BT module.


Focus on education, lighter and more portable

WEIBU portable mobile terminal (textbook, 2in1) T101 series product solutions, 10.1 inch Full HD textbook, reduce eye fatigue, with MIC, both notebook performance, tablet portability, battery life up to 8 hours, sensitive touch pen, creative heart.


The 13.3-inch 2in1, equipped with high-performance Intel amberlake, has no pressure on its performance, whether it is for daily office needs or for high-definition design of video and pictures. 1920 * 1080 IPS Full HD resolution display, excellent picture, experience beyond imagination.


Integrated education, square station, worry free

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