More than 40 product solutions will appear in 2020 high tech fair, three highlights can't be missed!

Issuing time:2020-12-16 10:37


An epidemic, when the city's pause button was pressed at the beginning of the year, accelerated the pace of application of technology in anti epidemic, intelligent life, online office and other industries, accelerated the development of "Digital China", and made people more deeply understand the connotation of "technology changes life".

On November 11, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the 22nd China International High Tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "high tech fair") with the theme of "science and technology changing life, innovation driving development" was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled. More than 3300 domestic and foreign exhibitors brought 5g, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, Internet, artificial intelligence and blockbusters Nearly ten thousand innovative application technologies, excellent scientific research achievements and industry solutions. Shenzhen Weibo Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Weibo") has also brought the latest research and development of more than 40 it overall solutions, including intelligent new retail, intelligent finance, intelligent office / conference, intelligent education and localization.


WEIBU's booth:1H09

Highlight 1: the industry's smallest POS board appeared in the "core" era of smart cash register

At the moment when most cash registers in the market still use the fourth generation chip motherboard, WEIBU has successfully developed the POS motherboard of the fifth to tenth generation intel core chips with low power consumption, high performance and AI algorithm. It is the industry's latest chip platform POS motherboard. Its accuracy and high efficiency meet the good imagination of small and medium-sized retailers for intelligent cash register, and support users' multi scene payment Cash, stored value card, membership card, coupon verification, credit, WeChat offline scan code, Alipay scan code, sweep face payment, etc., flexible and convenient.

WEIBU pj19g-m4 motherboard, only 170 * 85mm in size, is the smallest POS motherboard in the industry, providing more choices for POS appearance design. Adopting Intel platform CPU, compact structure, outstanding performance, high energy saving, compatible with a variety of systems, can quickly and accurately settle accounts. It supports the actions of off-line cash register, data recording and data checking. It supports VGA + DVI, VGA + HDMI. It can display output synchronously or asynchronously and with two screens. It has stable quality, rich interfaces and high cost performance.


Pj19g-m4 motherboard

WEIBU new retail hardware solution provides hardware integration solution based on aiot for retail business. Its powerful management function can be applied to commercial supermarkets, financial services, hotels, restaurants, snack bars, bookstores, gas stations and other industries to reduce business operating costs and realize standardized and scientific management. At present, it has served well-known POS brands at home and abroad, such as Zhongke Yingtai, Hisense, chuantian, Yijietong, okpos, Aton, Haoshun, Weituo, Aibao, etc., providing intelligent popularization and operation efficiency improvement for industry customers.

 Double screen cash register

Highlight 2: small and big "smart" box meets the needs of 98% people

WEIBU independently develops mini box PC, three chip platforms Intel, AMD and rockchip are available, and supports the latest Intel 10th ice lake-u, Intel 11th tiger lake-u and AMD A300 platforms. The mini BOX PC 4 family P series, Q series, N series and T series appear together to meet the needs of 98% groups of people. They can be applied to business office, game entertainment, living room computer, equipment control, industrial application, industry application, intelligent cloud class and other scenes.

 Home scene

T Series Intelligent Cloud class BOX, the fuselage thickness is only 26.75mm, the whole machine weight is only 259G, thin and delicate, carry around. Equipped with Intel? Apollo Lake processor platform, the computing performance, security and powerful media processing ability are beyond imagination, and it can easily cope with online education and daily office use.

The fan free design, quiet and noiseless when working, provides children's online classroom experience as if they were in the classroom. Rich interfaces to meet a variety of expansion needs, expandable m.2 SSD slot, support HDMI / vhdmi / VGA video output interface, GA video output interface, can be connected to a variety of monitors, projectors, printers, etc., wall mounted on the back of the display device, you can become an integrated computer.

It can be equipped with artificial intelligence acceleration card designed by WEIBU R&D, with a maximum power consumption of about 7.6w. According to the structure, passive or active cooling mode can be selected. It can carry out 200 FPS (usually 160 FPS) and more than 2 trillion floating-point calculations per second, which is helpful to accelerate computer vision and edge deep learning reasoning. It has more powerful AI computing ability and makes the box more SMAT!

 T series tn6a

Highlight 3: micro frame and large view all in one PC "strong inside and soft outside"

The all-in-one machine with high color value applied for appearance patent by WEIBU has ultra-thin design, micro frame display and slim "feet" support, just like the spirit of dancing. Its slim body is simple but outstanding. However, under the soft appearance, there is a strong "core": it is equipped with the 11 generation core CPU of tiger lake-u, the latest Intel? Platform, and its performance is explosive. The performance of 3D graphics is comparable to that of mainstream, and the game, entertainment and office are wonderful.


F series all-in-one machine has 1920 * 1080 HD resolution, 99% sRGB wide color gamut and IPS display screen, providing powerful color expression for all-in-one machine. Three micro borders, up to 89% of the screen, 178 wide perspective, just to let you work and entertainment "see" more, watch movies, games, fierce battle more immersive experience.

DDR4 is extremely responsive, equipped with m.2 nvme high-speed SSD, which is 6 times faster than the read-write speed of SATA SSD. With the intelligent combination of capacity and speed, there is no pressure for multi task opening, which helps to complete the work quickly and efficiently. F series all-in-one machine is equipped with hidden webcam, with unique design to protect your privacy.

At present, the WEIBU all-in-one motherboard scheme, OPS motherboard scheme and domestic notebook scheme are also widely used in smart office, smart home, smart health care, smart education, smart new retail, smart transportation, smart building and other fields, providing more convenient, simple and intelligent services for people's production and life, and has reached cooperation with more than 500 customers around the world.

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