"Innovating standards to achieve new IOT - TINYGO super mother board & ultra box brand launch" is a

Issuing time:2021-03-26 13:43

On the afternoon of March 24, the "Innovating standards to achieve new IOT - TINYGO super mother board & ultra box brand launch" jointly held by WEIBU information and Intel was successfully concluded at the COURTYARD by marriott shenzhen bay. Xie Qingshan, industry sales manager of Intel Asia Pacific IOT division in China, and others were invited as special guests to report and publicize in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone newspaper and other media simultaneously. At the same time, outstanding entrepreneurs or elites of IOT industry were invited to gather together to explore the new trend of IOT era and new opportunities for industry standardization, and witness the super micro dog Board and universal box product release, the one-stop service platform of TINYGO Internet of things motherboard officially launched!


After more than 20 years, we have accumulated strong independent technology research and development ability. From desktop motherboard to digital motherboard, we have been making high-quality products with ingenuity, becoming a technology benchmark enterprise in the industry. In 2021, it will bring new standardization motherboard of Internet of things industry and set a new benchmark for the industry.

With the positive policies, consumption demand and industrial application, the number of intelligent hardware devices on the global network will rise rapidly. According to China industrial information network, by 2025, the global IOT equipment base is expected to reach 75.440 billion, a composite growth rate of 17% compared with the 20 billion in 2017. China's Internet of things industry reached 750 billion yuan in 2015, with a year-on-year growth of 29.3%. In 2020, the overall scale of China's Internet of things will exceed 1.83 trillion yuan. In recent years, China has achieved remarkable results in the research and development of key technologies, application demonstration and promotion, coordinated development of industry and construction of policy environment of the Internet of things, and has become one of the most active regions in the development of the Internet of things in the world.

However, at present, the Internet of things industry is still facing industrial problems and challenges brought by non-standard: there are many non-standard devices, some application scenarios need real-time and dedicated operating systems, lack of standardized products, resulting in massive devices are difficult to link, there are security risks, in addition, the customized demand can not meet some small batch orders fast delivery needs, and the customized demand needs continuous research Because of trial and error, high cost of production and delivery time, many opportunities will be missed. Only by building a convenient, safe and low-cost Internet of things application ecology can we open the door of Internet of things application and truly empower enterprises.

Based on the Intel chip platform, the newly developed TINYGO super motherboard and ultra box of WEIBU have the advantages of complete functions, rich interfaces, strong expansibility, and can be used in a variety of common software systems. They are widely used in various scenarios and can better meet the needs of equipment manufacturers for fast delivery of small batch orders.

"Ecological coexistence, win-win cooperation" has always been the philosophy of WEIBU. For more than 20 years, WEIBU has maintained its consistent competitive advantage and good competitive state, striving to bring customers the best solutions and the ultimate user experience, enabling the development of the industry with technological innovation, and assisting partners to advance with ecological cooperation! The release of TINYGO super board and universal box can bring new ideas to the industry, and hope to be a pioneer in the popularization and development of the standardization of the main board of the Internet of things industry, and lead the main board of the Internet of things to the first year of the new standard!

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