WEIBU appeared at ELEXCON2021 and won the AIOT Excellence Award

Issuing time:2021-09-30 11:26

From September 27th to 29th, 2021, the three-day ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronics Show and Embedded System Exhibition ended successfully at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. WEIBU unveiled its solutions for notebooks, tablets, cloud terminals, AI BOX and POS motherboards, providing industry-customized and intelligent solutions for applications such as smart mobile terminals, commercial PCs, smart education, smart industrial control, and smart new retail. One of the AI BOX won the Blue Ocean AIOT Excellence Award issued by the organizer.


WEIBU has always maintained an industry-leading advantage in product design and development, quality and price.

Super cost-effective AI BOX wins new awards

The AI BOX, which won the “Core” Blue Ocean AIOT Excellence Award this time, is one of the new Intel products from WEIBU. This series of products uses Intel’s new 11th generation tiger lake-u architecture, which has better performance than the previous generation. It has been greatly improved, and it comes with 3T-7T computing power. It is a cost-effective edge computing box, and it is also an important product strategy direction for WEIBU.

AI BOX专区.jpg

AI BOX exhibition area

Ultra-thin and ultra-light series notebooks are popular

WEIBU's ultra-thin and ultra-light series of notebooks this time also received consultation from many professional visitors at the exhibition. The ultra-thin and ultra-light series of notebooks use a special process to achieve a metallic appearance with plastic materials, which greatly reduces the weight without reducing the appearance quality. At the same time, it also has a great advantage in price, and the same performance can be comparable to major brands. product.


A corner of the notebook exhibition area

Cloud terminals with diversified products have become the "new favorite" of channel vendors

Currently, cloud terminals have been widely used in industries such as finance, education, medical care, office, and government affairs. The WEIBU cloud terminal client is diversified in product form, can be integrated with multiple terminal devices, and supports multiple operating systems. It can be greatly expanded in application scenarios to meet the different business needs of various industries. The exhibition was favored by channel vendors and software integrators.


Cloud terminal product introduction

WEIBU POS solutions focus on the smart retail market

The WEIBU mini-itx series of POS motherboards have a wealth of I/O interfaces, advanced connection capabilities and flexible customization options. They can be embedded in a smaller size chassis, suitable for various retail peripherals, and meet the limited installation conditions. need. At the same time, WEIBU can customize different POS solutions for different payment needs to adapt to the development trend of the consumer market, and seamlessly integrate with WiFi, dynamic and static advertising, leisure and entertainment and other elements. WEIBU's POS motherboards have attracted the attention of terminal equipment vendors and agents in the smart retail market.


pos main board area

WEIBU interacted with visitors from various industries at the exhibition site and gained deep attention and recognition from the industry. In the future, WEIBU will continue to cultivate our key technologies, increase R&D investment, insist on outputting high-performance and cost-effective iterative products for the industry, and empower the development of IT and the Internet of Things industry.


Welcome the leaders of Shenzhen Baoan District Semiconductor Industry Association to visit and guide

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