Innovation·Standard·New·IoT|WEIBU Tinygo Product Promotion Conference Successfully Ended in Nanjing

Issuing time:2021-10-20 11:37

To empower the production and delivery of enterprises, and to adapt to the "intelligent manufacturing" of enterprises, WEIBU launched the Tinygo super board and ultra box series products in 2021, and launched the Tinygo mall in March, which was highly recognized by the industry. In order to more quickly advance the standardization process of the Internet of Things industry, WEIBU successfully held the second stop of Nanjing Station "Creation·Standard New·IoT-Tinygo Super Board and Ultra Box Product Promotion Conference" at Nanjing Fengsheng Five Seasons Hotel on the afternoon of October 14, 2021. "Activity, and detonated the scene again.


Breaking point one: more than 300 representatives attended the conference

More than 10 media were present for interviews and reports. At the same time, more than 300 representatives of enterprises or manufacturers from various fields such as artificial intelligence, mobile communications, smart security, smart lighting, industrial manufacturing, and smart transportation participated in the conference and talked about the future.



Breaking point two: 100 product display

WEIBU brought the achievements and overall solutions of nearly one hundred IoT products to the exhibition outside the venue, and attracted many participants to watch and consult.


▲Part of the on-site product display diagram

Breaking point 3: School-enterprise co-construction laboratory unveiled

The school-enterprise cooperation laboratory "Internet of Things Motherboard Development Laboratory" jointly established by Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Shenzhen Weibu Information Co., Ltd. was officially inaugurated. The two parties cooperated in personnel training, teacher training, equipment sharing, etc., and used both parties' resources Advantages to cultivate "integrated" talents for the Internet of Things industry.

▲Interview report video

Breaking point 4: online and offline simultaneous live broadcast

The conference adopted the method of online and offline simultaneous live broadcast, which was broadcast simultaneously on Douyin, station b and other platforms, and the total number of viewers exceeded 6,000.

Breaking point 5: WEIBU joins hands with industry leaders to jointly promote the standardization of the Internet of Things industry

The conference kicked off with a welcome speech by Mr. Huang Jianxin, Chairman of WEIBU. Huang Dong said that in the face of the surging wave of technological innovations in the Internet of Things in China, WEIBU has taken 20 years of development experience and technology accumulation in China’s informatization to meet the needs of more start-up companies and a large number of small customers and enthusiasts. Constantly creating and innovating, launching the Super Edition series of products, aiming to make a contribution to leading the Internet of Things industry towards standardization.


▲Weibu Chairman Huang Jianxin

Mr. Guo Wei, general manager of sales of Intel's Internet of Things Division in China, said that in the past few years, Intel has achieved good results with many partners in the field of Internet of Things vertical ecology, but found that different industry scenarios and needs of the Internet of Things are very different. Under the circumstance, Intel provides services to large enterprises more smoothly, and faces various challenges in the process of further developing the market for small and medium enterprises. The Tinygo platform of WEIBU has opened up new ideas for Intel's IoT ecosystem. Intel will also work with WEIBU to explore new ways and provide new solutions to serve a wider segment of the field.


Guo Wei, General Manager of Sales, Intel China Internet of Things Division

The meeting focused on the necessity of promoting the standardization of the Internet of Things industry and the direction of super-board products. Lu Yin, the deputy dean of the School of Internet of Things, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, on behalf of the college, gave an in-depth interpretation of the pain points of the Internet of Things industry and the focus of the future industry. He said that how to aggregate more applications, quickly integrate, and achieve information security is the current focus of the IoT industry. By overcoming technical difficulties, realizing the standardization of the Internet of Things industry, reducing development costs, meeting the differentiated needs of industry users for connectivity, and building a win-win business model, and "starting with the end" is the core method of the future development path.


▲Lu Yin, Associate Dean of the School of Internet of Things, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Ms. Yu Bing, Intel’s China Internet of Things Ecological Promotion Director, said that Intel’s edge-oriented optimization, function and accelerator product diversification portfolio, with powerful developer tools, with the expansion of the huge ecosystem, for the IoT industry partners to accelerate the The path from chip to solution deployment is to explore new directions with partners to achieve a win-win ecological cooperation.


Yu Bing, Director of Intel China IoT Ecological Promotion

"WEIBU joins hands with Intel to unleash the value of the intelligent edge", Ms. Wang Mengyao, general manager of WEIBU's IOT business department, shared the super board and ultra box at the scene. The Super Board is a standardized motherboard developed based on the Intel platform. It has three sizes of large, medium and small, supports a variety of software platforms, supports the development of a variety of algorithms, and has a wide range of applications. The universal box is an IOT BOX embedded based on the super board. It has complete functions, omnipotence, and strong expandability, suitable for various scenarios.


▲Wang Mengyao, general manager of Weibu IOT business department

Mr. Dong Jiayun, Director of WEIBU Marketing Center, said that IoT motherboards are currently non-standard products with scattered demand and diversified application scenarios, making the market difficult to satisfy long-tail customers. The Internet of Things motherboard mall platform-Tinygo Mall can just solve the market pain points, better serve small and medium-sized enterprise customers, and solve their pain points such as low professionalism, high development cost, and difficulty in motherboard selection: buy an Internet of Things motherboard, go to Tinygo Mall, always one option fit for you.


▲Dong Jiayun, Director of Weibu Marketing Center

Then partners from WEIBU shared application cases. Mr. Wang Qiang, CTO of Nanjing Borun Brain-inspired Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. shared the industrial intelligence solution. He said that the product terminal launched in cooperation with WEIBU has low power consumption, excellent performance, strong environmental adaptability, and super computing power. , And AI intelligent recognition function, has been widely used in different scenarios such as smart factories, smart parks, industrial automation detection, heavy industry risk prediction detection, etc.


Wang Qiang, CTO, Nanjing Borun Brain-inspired Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yan Sikuo, CEO of Shenzhen Kuang Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd., shared the independent research and development of the Internet of Things system architecture with video and face recognition device access as the core-Tiangong Platform. He said that WEIBU products provide AI technology and Internet of Things technology, The platform strengthens scenario-based cloud services, which can fully meet the needs of centralized resource management, multi-level networking, information sharing, smart linkage, and business integration under multiple scenarios in various industries.


Yan Sikuo, CEO of Shenzhen Broad Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd.

The development of the standardization of the Internet of Things industry has a long way to go. Only when the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry chain work closely with the government, schools, operators and other links, and the division of labor can continuously break through the technical difficulties of the Internet of Things, make up for the key technical shortcomings, and earnestly Solving key issues such as the standardization of the Internet of Things can improve the industrial ecology of the Internet of Things, realize large-scale applications, support the system to meet the needs of industrial development, and promote the Internet of Things to achieve the "trillion-level" industrial goal.

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