WEIBU was awarded the first and only "Most Influential IDH" by Microsoft

Issuing time:2021-09-24 11:55

Microsoft recently commended and affirmed the 2021 CTE partners in the CTE circle who adopted Microsoft technology. WEIBU was promoted as the most influential IDH partner of CTE this year, and won the first and only "Most Influential IDH" in history. This is the second time that WEIBU has won the honor after winning the only "Best IDH" of the year for three consecutive years in 2018-2020. As a partner that has created deep influence and industry value in the Microsoft CTE circle, Weibu earnestly hopes that the cooperation with Microsoft in the coming year will achieve new highs in performance and work together to draw a new blueprint for development.


The most influential IDH in 2021

In 2021, with its strong global supply chain integration advantages and refined cost control advantages, WEIBU will still be able to continuously create in the face of market challenges such as "trade wars" and "material shortages" during this unprecedented epidemic. Good results, especially in the shipment of small-core models, continue to provide customers with competitive services and solutions to help customers face complex challenges and realize their potential together. In addition, WEIBU has also made breakthroughs in the nuclear field this year, and the output has been fruitful.


Since its establishment in 2001, WEIBU has been deeply involved in China's informatization for 20 years, and has established partnerships with more than 500 top IT vendors in the world. Its product line covers digital electronics, smart transportation, smart education, home PCs, new retail, servers, and smart Industrial control, intelligent monitoring and other major fields, and have a global customer marketing network. In the future, WEIBU will continue to use its strong R&D system and supply chain system to empower equipment, empower the industry, and make more contributions to building an interconnected world, and win the future with our ecological partners!

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