Weibu's first capital increase and share expansion have been successfully concluded

Issuing time:2022-01-05 13:53

On December 16, Weibu Information's first capital increase and share expansion ceremony was successfully concluded, and the amount of this round of financing was about 160 million yuan. This capital increase and share expansion is an important node for Weibu Information to further strengthen its competitive advantages and steadily expand its business scale. The alliance of investment institutions has opened a new chapter.


Huang Jianxin, chairman of Weibu Information, said in his speech that this is the first time that Weibu Information has officially increased capital and shares. He is very grateful to investment institutions such as Bay Area Asset Management for their recognition of Weibu Information, and Weibu Information will be more proactive. Attitude, accelerate and optimize the company's governance structure, expand the talent team, enhance the influence of Weibu Information, better expand the global market share, and achieve higher-quality development.

The funds obtained from this capital increase and share expansion are mainly used for the industrial chain integration direction of Weibu Information's "replenishing the chain, extending the chain and strengthening the chain", promoting the extension of the industrial chain to the Internet of Things industry, and accelerating the expansion of Weibu Information to the international market while benchmarking. Internationally first-class, and simultaneously improve the level of technology, management and other work.

Bay Area Asset Management overweight led the investment of 60 million yuan. As a representative, Dr. Xiong Bin, general manager of Bay Area Asset Management, said that Bay Area Asset Management had participated in a small amount of investment in Weibu Information in 2020. He was very happy to gain the trust of Weibu Information again, and continued to increase and lead the investment. Next, Bay Area Asset Management will continue to empower Weibu Information, consolidate its leading ODM position in the notebook computer field, accelerate its product penetration in deeper technical fields, and help Weibu Information develop into a more vertical and comprehensive market. The overall solution platform for IT intelligent hardware is moving forward.


Huang Jianxin (left), chairman of Weibu Information, and Xiong Bin (right), general manager of Bay Area Asset Management, signed a capital increase agreement

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